About Skip

I have only one purpose – to find out what the text says, that is, what it meant to the audience that heard it first, what it meant in that culture’s paradigm. So I search anywhere and everywhere that the text takes me. That’s all. That’s enough. I barely have time for even this. I am trying to find out how to live as a Gentile follower of Yeshua who serves YHVH.”  Skip Moen

Dr. Skip Moen is many things – entrepreneur, author, speaker, professor, dean, mentor, and Hebrew scholar. Recovering the meaning of scripture, one Hebrew or Greek word at a time through his daily devotional “Today’s Word”, Skip’s goal is to make the depths of God’s words come alive for anyone who searches.

Skip’s studies with Francis Schaeffer at L’Abri changed the direction of his life. He has earned five degrees, including a PhD from Oxford, built and sold a successful consulting firm, collected Ferrari’s, is an avid semi-professional photographer, has taught MBA-level courses, has been Dean of a Divinity School, has written many books, numerous articles and literally thousands of devotional word studies exploring the Bible from a Hebraic vs a Greek mindset and now travels the world lecturing on Biblical topics. He has unrelentingly pursued an understanding of God’s truth, often through crisis and personal challenges and, willingly shares with extreme vulnerability the hills and valleys of his life’s  journey. More of his teachings and Hebrew word studies can be found at www.skipmoen.com

Skip is a father of four children, was born in Seattle and has lived and worked in Chicago, New Jersey, Los Angeles, England, Switzerland, Grand Cayman, the Tonga Islands, Taipei, Hong Kong and the Dominican Republic.