Learning to Live The Faith

I was introduced to a Bible study group by a close friend and it has been a journey of revelation through a steep learning curve.

I am a Catholic and was educated at a Catholic school but did not have (or rather chose not to have) the exposure to the Bible teachings to understand the meaning of “living the faith”. For me that means to live a life trusting God my heavenly father to come through for me at all times. I trust Him for who He is. Kind, compassionate, merciful, forgiving, slow to anger and overflowing with love. Because of who He is, I trust Him for what He can and will do for me. To Trust God and give Him permission to direct my life is what I call “living the faith”

I had been taught that prayer would answer to all my needs. Very often I have found myself feeling discouraged when I don’t get answers over something I have been praying for. Or should I say, the answers I wanted. However over the past few years I was given the opportunity to learn the meaning of prayer. Discovering that prayer is not just a list of things I ask God for but is actually the development of a relationship through conversation with my heavenly Father - where I get to share my thoughts, dreams, desires, and gratitude - has had a profound impact on me and has deepened my relationship with God my Father. This in turn has taught me patience. Learning to wait on God and trust God to give me the right things at the right time and knowing without a shadow of doubt that God will help me through whatever I am going through. It’s only now that I understand that through faith and patience, I will see God’s promises come to pass in my life. For me, desiring to live a life that honours God is a life of prayer because I have to constantly be in conversation with God my Father seeking His guidance and direction.

Fear of the unknown has often held me back. I have questioned my decisions at a personal and professional level. However, the Bible has given me the insight and the opportunity to put things into perspective and apply the learning to “living the faith”.

Every day is an opportunity for Christ to help me grow in faith. Every day is an opportunity to exercise my faith. I long for Jesus to make it possible for me to tap into God’s power so that I can live a life making a positive difference to the world I live in.

I now choose (try really hard!) to do God’s will rather than mine, have less rather than more and enter the bounds of calm. I strive not to focus on the obstacles in my life but instead focus on the nature and character of God. This way my eyes are fixed on Him and I know that God is leading me, holding my hand and will see me through the obstacles in my life.

I have learnt that life experiences are the “best teachers”. We tend to pose questions such as “why me?”, “why did this happen?” etc. during times of trial. I have discovered that the “why” question never gets answered and heaven stays silent. God has called me to trust Him and has taught me to ask different questions like “What do you want me to do?”, “How do you want me to respond?” God my Father always answers those questions.

God chooses ordinary people to fulfil His purposes on earth. In my daily life I feel both the presence of God and pressures of sin. But, with my faith, I have the ability to choose. Whether I want to give in to sin or overcome any situation by the grace of God in me. I can depend on the power available to me from Christ who lives in me by the HOLY SPIRIT.

I am excited at the thought of continuing to “living the faith” and allow the voice of God’s promise to be louder than what I am going through. I am thankful for the breath of life God has given me and the magnificent world created for us to live in. Personally I want God’s grace to help me live righteously, to train me to live godly, and to live sensibly, to serve one another and not be judgemental.

Hebrews 6:12 – imitators of those who through faith and patience inherit what has been promised.

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