Rest your shovel and stop digging.

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

By Jeyadevi Selvaratnam
I’m going through a season in my life right now where I’m walking alongside a dear friend who is new to walking with Jesus. It’s an interesting dichotomy the two of us doing life together; I look at her and am reminded of myself some years ago as a new mother who was also in the early days of learning to walk with Christ. 
Put quite simply, my friend is going through an immensely challenging time where I find that half of her battles are battles fought almost exclusively in her mind. Such is the case with a lot of situations in our lives, however, as I’ve journeyed through the years with God I’ve learned some valuable lessons which allow me to take my eyes off of myself and fix them on Him. Yet, when it comes to wanting to help my friend out of her rut I realise that to a degree, my hands are tied because I cannot impart a revelation to her that is not yet her own experience. 
I’ve recently been reminded of a story in the book of Matthew that inspired new hope in me with respect to this.
  Matthew 9:2 
Some men brought to him a paralysed man, lying on a mat. When Jesus saw their faith, he said to the man, “Take heart, son; your sins are forgiven.”
What’s remarkable to me about this story is that it is the faith of this man’s friends that gets noticed. There are moments in our lives where we are so discouraged or disheartened that believing and trusting in God seems to be an impossible task. We feel alone, crippled in our situation and paralysed by a seemingly bleak circumstance. What I’ve recently been inspired by is the understanding that we can have faith for other people. It is in our weakest moments that we need community most, someone to come and encourage us and even at times believe God for us.
Sometimes instead of striving it is the letting go and learning to find rest in a God that calls us to give Him our heaviest burdens. Sometimes we look around to find that for all of our toiling and all of our trying, we have succeeded only in digging ourselves further into a situation that buries us in a mountain of worry.

So rest your shovel and stop digging, and learn to lean on those around you who have the ability to believe on your behalf when you are worn, pray on your behalf when you are spent and press in towards God with you and for you when you need it the most. 
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